Diary of an Oxygen Thief

I didn’t really know what I was getting into by reading this book. I just knew everyone was talking about it. 
It’s obvious the narrator is a narssacisic   asshole from the beginning. “I liked hurting girls. Mentally not physically.” That’s the first two sentences of the book. Yes, definitely dealing with a narssacisic asshole. The story is, however, real, honest, and raw. You won’t find a book with a more honest and real narrator/ main character. And no matter how much you hate him, you’re going to relate to him a little too. Love, jobs, life. somewhere in his little rants about those things, you’ll relate to him. 

This is also a short read. it was just a three hour long audio book. good for finishing up those goodreads yearly challenges!  It is a book worth reading too. You’ll learn something about the way a narssacisic person thinks, or at least in my opinion you do. 
Happy reading! 



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